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           To save money and time supplies are purchased from the school and will be on your school fee invoice in the fall.

           There are some additional items that each grade requires:

          Kindergarten: Spoons, Kleenex, Straws

          Grade 2: Non-marking indoor shoes, Backpack, Water bottle, Two boxes of tissues, One large Ziploc for library book, One set of headphones (no earbuds), One bag of plastic spoons

          Grade 3: Non-marking indoor shoes, Backpack, Pencil case, Pencil sharpener WITH lid, Water bottle, Set of headphones, Two boxes of tissues

          Grade 4: Non-marking indoor shoes, backpack, water bottle (optional), Kleenex box

          Grade 5: Indoor Shoes, Ear buds (headphones), 1 box of Kleenex, Box of plastic spoons and forks 

          Grade 6indoor shoes, earphones, 2 boxes Kleenex, box of plastic spoons/forks, old button down shirt (art smock)

 Renaissance Learning                                     Tumblebooks:                                         Tumblebooks (Halifax Public Library):                                                                      
Raz Kids:                                                           ABCya                                                   Academic Skill Builders  
Brain Pop                                                          Wonderopolis                                        2 Learn (Kids)  
Prodigy                                                              Alberta Exam Break                             Khan Academy         
Spelling City                                                     IXL (Math Games):                                 Mathletics:          
Cool Math 4 Kids                                             Math Focus                                            Math Spy Guys
Math Live                                                         Virtual Math Nerd:          Quest A Plus




Student Art Work

At Westmount School art is an important part of each teacher's program.  Students do a variety of art projects during the school year using a variety of art supplies.

(It shows how hard the students work and shows the parents what we do in the school.  It also shows we are not afraid of showing our art work, even when we think it is bad.  It usually gives our school its colour. Written by Lidia, Chloe and Shelby - Grade 3 and 4 students)

More art work can be viewed in the Student Showcase tab on the Home Page.


Our daytimer has lots of information for you to look at about Westmount School.

  You can view this information by clicking on the link below.

For 2016-2017 Daytimer Information Page




Library News


There are lots of exciting things that go on in our school library. On Fridays we have Maker Spaces, students are able to come to the libraryand create, play and learn! We also have a book fair in the fall and a used book sale in November.  Find out about the many other things that our librarian is doing at our school by clicking on the link below.


    Food Alergy and Support  

Food allergies affect approximately 15 million Americans, including 6 million children. For more information about food alergies please go to or      

  • Bell Times

If you were wondering what time school starts or ends

or when lunch is just look at our bell times below.

8:35 - 1st Bell, 
Students enter school
8:45 - 9:22 - Period 1
9:22 - 9:59 - Period 2
9:59 - 10:36 - Period 3
10:36 - 10:51 - Recess
10:51 - 11:28 - Period 4
11:28 - 12:05 - Period 5
12:05 - 12:42 - Period 6
12:42 - 1:02 - Lunch 
1:02 - 1:27 - Lunch Recess
1:32 - 2:09 - Period 7 
2:09 - 2:46 - Period 8
2:46 - 3:23 - Period 9
3:23 - Dismissal Bell

Westmount Anthem

We sing this anthem at all our assemblies.

In the town of Strathmore
There’s a special school
Having fun together
Is the golden rule.

Do the best that you can do
Be the best you can.
Every one at Westmount
Lends a helping hand.
We all learn to show respect
Help each other out.
That’s what being a friend at
Westmount’s all about,
Oh yeah, At Westmount School.

There’s exciting field trips
Great activities.
Westy is our mascot
For eternity.

Repeat Chorus

Teachers here are trusting
Showing us the way.
A Westmount education
Is useful everyday.

Repeat Chorus
Repeat Last Line Twice