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Student Pick Up and Drop Off Notice

Click here for a parking map and guidelines

In order to create a safe parking lot for our students we are requesting that parents abide by the following parking lot guidelines:

  • Please park your vehicle in a perimeter stall or directly in the centre of the parking lot when picking up or dropping of your child or children.
  • Exit your vehicle to ensure your children safely get to your vehicle or to the school.
  • Do not park or stop behind vehicles or in the traffic flow area of the parking lot where vehicles enter, drive around and exit the parking lot.
  • Drive to the end of the vehicles parked in the middle of the parking lot (south end) before you circle around and begin to exit.  Please do not cut through parked vehicles in the centre.
  • Enter the parking area on the west side of the lot and exit down the east side of the lot.
  • Do not park in the north or west staff parking spots for student pick up or drop off.
  • Always ensure the handicapped stall and service vehicle stall are left empty for those vehicles that were intended for their use.
  • Please see the parking lot map below for proper traffic flow.

Westchester Road Parking:

  • Parents may also drop off and pick up students on Westchester Road (west of the school).  Please do not park in designated crosswalks.
  • Parents from Trinity Christian Academy will also be parking on Westchester Road to pick up and drop off students.
  • Do not use the bus run to walk your child or children to the school building.  There is a sidewalk on the north side of the playschool and a field entry just south of the bus run entry.