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Oct 12 - No School - Thanksgiving Holiday

We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.  We are thankful for our Staff, Students, Volunteers and families!

Oct 9 - No School - Flex Friday

Have a wonderful long weekend!

Oct 8 - Golden Hills Sees Continued Improvement in Student Achievement

Press Release - Golden Hills sees continued Improvement in Student Achievement ----- Students in the Golden Hills School Division are performing well and continue to improve in many areas according to the most recent results on the 2014-2015 Provincial Achievement Test and Diploma Examinations. “We are very pleased to see continued increases again in this year’s student achievement resul...

Oct 7 - 2015-2016 Yearbook

WESTMOUNT 2015-2016 MEMORIES VIDEOS We are deploying our Memories videos in a downloadable format this year. Westmount does so many amazing things each year, and a DVD just can't hold them all!  Click here to register. PLUS - you will receive the videos on an ongoing basis as the year progresses. So, shortly after the Christmas concert, you will have access to the video. Same with the sprin...

Oct 2 - Welcome to our school Kaela Bryand

Kaela will be providing extra support to Grade 1 and 2 students in the area of math.  Golden Hills School Division has initiated the Early Numeracy Program to help students master math skills in their early years of education thus providing a strong foundation for future grades.  We are very excited to have Kaela on staff! 

Oct 2 - Volunteers Needed

Volunteers are needed for serving School Fuel on Wednesdays & Fridays from 8:10-8:45 am. School Fuel is a program that provides a free breakfast to children who come to school hungry. Teachers find that hunger can be a distraction when learning. Generous donors have provided muffins, fruit and cheese.   Volunteering involves picking up the food at the Hope Church the day before, serving it...



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Oct 9 - No School - Flex Friday
Oct 12 - No School - Thanksgiving
Oct 13 - Hockey Program 6B & 6C
Oct 14 - Hot Lunch - Kim's Mac 'n Cheese
Oct 14 - Hockey Program 6B & 6C
Oct 15 - Hockey Program 5 & 6A
Oct 16 - Day 1