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Jan 29 - Aytahn Ross - The Great Balanzo

Drama, adventure, discovery, juggling, circus! The Great Balanzo! tells the tale of how The Royal Balanzos were exiled from their kingdom hundreds of years ago. Since that day, they’ve traveled the world looking for a new home. Now there is only one Balanzo left and he has arrived in Canada. Join The Great Balanzo in this fantastic adventure as he searches for a place to call home and perfor...

Jan 5 - Welcome to Our School!

Westmount would like to give a warm welcome to Miss. Cattanach.  She will be teaching Grade 3 with Mrs. Kopp and also the Math Boost program. 

Jan 5 - First Day of School 2015

First day back to School for 2015

Dec 19 - Board Games Afternoon - Friday

In an effort to promote active learning, in the afternoon on December 19, 2014, all of Westmount’s students will be playing board games.  That day, students are invited to bring their favourite board game to school to share with their friends.  No electronics, please! If you have any board games (including all of the necessary pieces) that you no longer need, we would be happy to have them.

Dec 19 - PJ Spirit Day/Virtue Assembly/Board Games

Students can wear their Pajamas to get points for their house teams on Friday, December 19th. We will be having a Virtue Assembly on Friday as well at 12:00pm.  We will be awarding prizes for the Responsibility virtue. Students can bring in their board and card games on Friday, Dec. 19 to play in the afternoon. 

Dec 19 - Last Day of School for 2014

Christmas Vacation Starts Saturday December 20th, 2014.  Students will return Monday, January 5, 2015



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Dec 22 - Christmas Break, No School
Dec 23 - Christmas Break, No School
Dec 24 - Christmas Break, No School
Dec 25 - Christmas Break, No School
Dec 26 - Christmas Break, No School
Dec 29 - Christmas Break, No School